Wireless Pocket Ultrasound

SonoiQ D8 is a modern, Wireless Pocket Ultrasound with high quality imaging, reliability and the five different, exchangeable transducer head options.

  • Black-and-White Version 
    B-Mode, and M-Mode
  • Colour-Doppler Version 
    B-Mode, M-Mode, Color, Power and PW-Mode
Leightweight, compact design
160 x 55 x20 mm, approx 220 g and up to 8 hours continuous scanning per charging cycle.
Interchangeable ultrasound heads
With its high quality imaging, reliability, and the five different transducer head options, the SonoiQ D8 is your right tool to bring ultrasound to your patients.
WiFi connectivity
The SonoiQ D8 produces it‘s own WiFi signal, for uninterrupted, smooth, real time imaging.
It can be connected to Android-, iOS-, and Windows- devices.
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