It is important not merely to foresee the future, but to bring it about.
Antoine De Saint Exupéry

With the ever changing world in which we live, we find ourselves as butterflies seemingly undergoing a transformation from a lifeless cocoon to a magical, weightless butterfly i.e. something new emerges through a long and complex process of development.

What the butterfly shows us could be understood as an analogy for the current transformation process of the healthcare system. The aim is to be able to offer patients the best possible medicine under optimal economic, social and societal conditions.

We at innoMedicus have been supporting modern physicians throughout these changes, facilitating the solving of challenges of the present and actively shaping the future.

With our innovation and technology, our expertise and knowledge, our reliability and commitment we are with you every step of the way.

We define our own success through your success.

We live and breathe innovation in all aspects - technological as well as economic. Through our continuous monitoring and participation in the latest developments and technologies, we are able to attend to ongoing customer needs by providing the most modern, high-quality and economically attractive products and services.

Not only do we provide you with the products, we also offer you complete solutions such as:

  • Clinical training and proctoring support, networking with user groups as well as ongoing sharing of experience;
  • Optimizing clinical processes and increasing evidence-based efficiency;
  • Comprehensive warranty, maintenance, repairs and periodic inspections;
  • Patient marketing and dedicated reimbursement support.
Tailor Made Solutions
We take our time with you. An intensive dialogue and close cooperation allow us to both determine and understand your needs and to offer you the best possible solutions for doctors and patients alike.
Not a trendy word for us, but something we take seriously. We keep up with healthcare trends and frameworks, weigh up opportunities and risks to focus our activities on sustaining a successful future. Our economic performance is closely linked to our ecological and social responsibility.
We take our time with you
We look forward to getting in touch with you
Thank you for your inquiry. We will answer you as soon as possible.
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