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Your partner for innovative medical technologies. Supporting you on the path of transformation towards the medicine of tomorrow.

Selected Products
Mobile Ultrasound

Terason uSmart 3200T PLUS

The new wave in portable ultrasound

The uSmart 3200T Plus, the latest model in the mobile uSmart series, reflects Terason’s commitment to develop novel, ease-of-use diagnostic tools, that can improve patient outcomes and help providers deliver better healtcare. Show More

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Sonablate HIFU

High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) for targeted Therapy of Prostate Carcinoma

Sonablate HIFU is a fusion-guided, non-invasive surgical ablation system that delivers precise, focused and controlled ablative energy and allows to create a customized treatment for each patient’s individual prostate needs. Show More

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Artemis Fusion Biopsy System

3D Semi-Robotic Prostate Fusion Biopsy System

Artemis is a pioneer and recognized leader in prostate image guided fusion biopsy and targeted therapy. By compiling Radiology, Urology and Pathology data, the Fusion Biopsy System has set a new standard in comprehensive prostate care. Show More

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Wiscope URS

Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

The WiScope Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope delivers high-resolution digital images and allows with its navigation capability to remove stones easily, quickly and safely. Show More

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Wiscope Cysto

Single-Use Digital Flexible Cystoscope

The WiScope Single-Use Digital Flexible Cystoscope delivers high-resolution digital images and allows with its navigation capability to visually assess the urethra and the urinary bladder. Show More

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Terason uSmart 3200T PLUS
Sonablate HIFU
Artemis Fusion Biopsy System
Wiscope URS
Wiscope Cysto
Sonablate HIFU
Holistic Service Experience
Consultation and Solution Development
We take our time with you. An in-depth dialogue and close cooperation allow us to both determine and understand your needs as well as offer you the best possible tailored solutions for doctors and patients alike.
Installation and Integration
During successful installation, our applications and devices are seamlessly integrated into the hospital infrastructure (e.g. PACS, HL7, network) for digital and efficient interdisciplinary cooperation as well as data exchange at the highest standard of patient data safety and cybersecurity.
Training and Proctoring
We offer both initial and ongoing training for physicians, nurses, biomedical technicians and medical informatics to ensure that your team is always up to date with the latest technological and clinical innovations. Moreover, we offer in-house proctoring and observation visits to benefit from the knowledge and experience of a Europe-wide network of renowned clinics and centers of excellence for our technologies.
Service and Support
We are with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive service and support, customer proximity, short response times and deep understanding of your needs. We are multilingual, have our own service infrastructure and in-house expertise for different specialities. Therefore, we can identify and address your concerns in a timely manner either on-site or remotely.
For You We Go the
Extra Mile
Support in Reimbursement Matters
As an innovation-driven company, we are aware that the topic of reimbursement for novel therapies is often associated with a great deal of uncertainty. Our company's know-how, experience and network are readily available to provide you with advice and support for these particular issues. As early adaptors of innovative technologies we can actively address these issues together and shape them sustainably.
Mobile Services and Leasing
We understand a modern healthcare system is cost-intensive. Therefore, we support you with tailor-made financial solutions in a simple and transparent way to meet the needs of all hospitals and clinics regardless of size and volumes. We offer you either a comprehensive mobile service to rent or customized financing options to lease our technologies at competitive conditions.
This gives you the flexibility to provide your patients with innovative therapy on demand without the need to make a significant financial commitment, whilst ensuring cost predictability and minimizing your financial risk.
December 2023
Very best wishes and many thanks to all our customers and partners
September 2023
United Nations International Day of Charity - an inspiring act for philanthropy and values
July 2023
Swiss reimbursement approval for focal HIFU therapy for localised PC
April 2023
Life cycle assessment of Swiss hospitals - new study proves marginal impact of disposable materials
February 2023
Gold Anchor – the Fiducial Marker for Endoscopic Placement
May 2022
HIVEC therapy using COMBAT BRS is a great alternative to BCG treatment for HR-NMIBC patients
March 2022
Impressive long-term cancer control data from the largest and longest study of focal HIFU treatment
February 2022
Promising long-term efficacy of HIVEC therapy using Combat BRS for BCG-unresponsive NMIBC patients
September 2021
Film Kavita & Teresa inspires people to think about true values in life
May 2021
World’s largest propensity matched comparison of salvage RARP matched to primary RARP
March 2021
Intravesical hyperthermia with high-dose mitomycin-C shows promise as BCG alternative for NMIBC
February 2021
Non-Contrast MRI may have favourable characteristics as a screening test of prostate cancer