Modular Micro Endosсopy System for Tear Duct

The modular approach of Polydiagnost endoscopes provides a toolbox enabling users to customize their system by simply selecting the modules specific to their needs.

By the use of one PolyShaft, a sterile working and irrigation channel, per application the risk inherent in reprocessing this critical section of endoscopes is neutralized. The valuable optics are reusable, free of any lumen and easy to sterilize. The switch between the PolyShafts from diagnosis to therapy and vice versa requires only seconds. The toolbox also includes miniaturized instruments allowing interventions which are unique in the medical world.

The Micro Endoscopy System follows holistic thinking in its portfolio, all modules are included from which you may select your individual kit. Subsequent additions and extensions are possible at any time.



In the head-neck area the VitrOptik micro endoscopy system allows diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in the tear duct as well as for example in the photobalative-Excimer-Laser- Trabeculotomy.


VitrOptic Basic System
The basic system consists of a 6'000 pixel optic, a matching ocular, a handpiece, optic shifter, 3-joint arm and a light connection cable. Together with the corresponding disposable materials, the system can be operated diagnostically and is ready for therapeutic use, such as with the MicroDrill or a corresponding diode laser

The PolyShaft are sterile packeged disposable cannula, which are used together with the basic system. For the tear duct endoscopy, we recommend the PolyShaft straight, Ø 0.75 / 50 mm for diagnostic use. For therapeutic use we recommend the PolyShaft straight, Ø 1.10 / 50 mm. In addition to the optic, an instrument can also be guided through this size.

In addition to the PolyShaft, other specialized instruments are available for the various applications.

The MicroDrill is one of several therapeutic options to open stenosis or clear stones in the tear duct. The drill is used parallel to the optic and thus enables working under sight
Panel-PC 21,5 “ inkl. LED-light, compact camera and documentation module

The components of the XION Panel PC have been developed for image data- acquisition and -presentation of fiber endoscopes and can also be used in confined spaces due to their compact design.

Fanless, the system enables noise-free operation as a stand-alone solution or in expansion of existing installations.

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