Single-Use Digital Flexible Cystoscope

The WiScope Single-Use Digital Flexible Cystoscope delivers high-resolution digital images and allows with its navigation capability to visually assess the urethra and the urinary bladder. With a new scope for every patient the WiScope ensures dependable performance for every case, no risk of cross-contamination, no degradation of scope performance over time, no timely and costly reprocessing and no scope repairs.

The WiScope Cystoscope can be used with its own monitor or with your existing OR monitor. The 180° dual deflection allows for excellent visibility and accessibility to treat a variety of urological conditions, while the lightweight, ergonomic handle help reduce operating fatigue.



  • No risk of cross contamination
  • No timely and costly reprocessing
  • No delays due to unavailability
  • No costly maintenance and repairs
  • Ergonomic, lightweight handpiece


  • Maximal deflection of 180° in two directions
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Self locking deflection angle
Distal tip
  • Bullet-like outline for easy insertion
  • The thin insertion tube facilitates operations and minimizes patient injury risks
  • 1:1 implementation of hand movements trough the distal end
Working channel
  • 6.6 FR working channel
  • Image resolution of 400 x 400 pixels
  • Multilevel illumination adjustment
Accessory Port
  • Allow passage of accessory instruments and fluid injection respectively during procedures
WiScope Single-Use Digital Flexible Cystoscope

There are four models of the WiScope available:

  • OTU-C380SR Standard Deflection Model for right-handed

  • OTU-C380SL Standard Deflection Model for left-handed
  • OTU-C380RR Reverse Deflection Model for right-handed
  • OTU-C380RL Reverse Deflection Model for left-handed
WiScope® Image System

WiScope® Image System processes images from the ureteroscope and outputs video signals to a display

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