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The first single-use flexible digital cystoscope has arrived
May 2020

We are delighted to announce the WiScope® single-use digital flexible cystoscope, which recently received EU approval and is based on the same imaging platform as a WiScope® single-use flexible digital ureteroscope.

This unique single-use digital flexible cystoscope boasts access, visualization and performance of treatments in the lower urinary tract as well as the bladder and is now available in Switzerland by innoMedicus Ltd.

The main benefits of the WiScope® cystoscope are threefold:

  • outstanding imaging quality, ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability,
  • elimination of cross infection,
  • elimination of maintenance and sterilization costs,
  • always available for procedures
  • same digital imaging platform as the WiScope® single use digital flexible ureteroscope.

The WiScope® is easy to use and compatible with any endoscopic tower or medical grade monitor via the portable WiScope digital imaging system.

For more information about this innovative system and for an on-site test at your center, please contact us via e-mail 
or by phone at +41 41 500 0660.

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