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What Type of Prostate Cancer is Systematically overlooked by mp-MRI?
September 2020

mpMRI has dramatically changed how urologists diagnose and monitor prostate cancer, as it not only allows lesions to be targeted in biopsies but also helps in deciding which patients to biopsy. With the adoption of mpMRI as a gateway to biopsy, there has been substantial interest in identifying which prostate cancers are inconspicuous on mpMRI. Specifically, when mpMRI does not identify any lesions, which cancers are we missing and which clinical factors predict missed cancer?

In a study currently published in the European Urology, Norris et al. used the robust data set of the PROMIS cohort to attempt to answer these questions. The study provides important evidence that cancer lesions missed on mpMRI tend to be smaller and of lower grade.


These findings reinforce the key role that mpMRI plays in risk stratification of men with suspected prostate cancer.

Read more in European Urology:

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