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MRI guided Focal Cryotherapy of Prostate Cancer using Artemis fusion platform
July 2020

A group of urologists from Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, NY and Urological Research Network, Miami, FL has presented an interesting pilot study of the feasibility and reproducibility of performing MR/US cryoablation using the MR/US fusion from the Artemis® platform in a step-by-step video at AUA University podcast online.

Their conclusions:

  • transperineal MR/US fusion guided cryotherapy is safe and feasible under local anesthesia in an office setting. 
  • this in-office paradigm has the potential to decrease costs in the setting of value-based care.
  • The Artemis® fusion platform may be used to precisely ablate MRI lesions with biopsy proven, clinically significant prostate cancer.

For more information please see the video presentation:

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