May 2020
The first single-use flexible digital cystoscope has arrived
We are delighted to announce the WiScope® single-use digital flexible cystoscope, which recently received EU approval and is based on the same imaging platform as a WiScope® single-use flexible digital ureteroscope.
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April 2020
Fight Covid-19 with the help of lung ultrasound
As the global infection rates of COVID-19 continue to rise, investigators in Italy, led by Erika Poggiali, M.D., from Ospedale Guglielmo da Saliceto, evaluated whether lung ultrasound could be an effective tool in also identifying patients who have pneumonia specifically associated with the virus. They published their results in a Letter to the Editor recently in Radiology.
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March 2020
Stay safe and be respectful to each other
We continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and are adjusting our business practice in line with directives from the BAG and WHO. It is our goal to give ongoing support to our customers while at the same time ensuring the safety and health of our team members.
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February 2020
HIVEC – cystectomy saving alternative for patients with high risk superficial TCC or BCG non-responders
At the ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium 2020 in San Francisco, Prof. Thomas-Alexander Vögeli from the University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Germany presented very promising results of first two year follow up after the Hyperthermic Intra-VEsical Chemotherapy (HIVEC) with heated mitomycin in a cohort of patients with high risk superficial bladder cancer (TCC).
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January 2020
Men with prostate cancer willing to prioritise quality over quantity of life
Impressive results of the COMPARE study have recently been published in The Journal of Urology. Prostate cancer patients of all risk groups were willing to trade-off cancer-specific survival for improved quality of life.
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December 2019
Many thanks and Christmas greetings to all our customers and partners
As 2019 comes to an end, this is our time to say thank you.
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November 2019
MRI-targeted biopsy: attractive and reliable diagnostic strategy for prostate cancer
Two great papers, recently published in European Urology, confirm that MRI-targeted biopsy is the attractive and reliable diagnostic strategy for prostate cancer compared to the traditional diagnostic pathway of systematic TRUS biopsy.
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October 2019
New strong clinical data for Sonablate HIFU
New strong clinical data for Sonablate HIFU, recently published in the BJU International, confirms very promising medium-term oncological outcomes.
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June 2019
An excellent presentation about Targeted Biopsy and Focal HIFU Therapy Program by UCLA group
At the AUA congress in Chicago, Prof. Leonard Marks and the UCLA group presented a method for focal HIFU, employing multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging, fusion biopsy, margin generation, and targeted treatment.
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May 2019
The newest generation single-use flexible ureteroscope has arrived
We are delighted to announce a new partnership with OTU Medical Inc., a Silicon Valley based medical technology company, which recently received the EU approval for its second generation WiScope® single-use flexible digital ureteroscope.
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February 2019
Prostate Imaging and Focal Therapy Masterclass at Imperial College London
We’re pleased to announce that the Prostate Imaging and Focal Therapy Masterclass, presented by one of the world’s leading urologists and experts in focal therapy, Prof. Hashim Ahmed, Chair of Urology of Imperial College London, will be returning on the 5-6th April 2019 for its second event.
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January 2019
SonoIQ - a small pocket ultrasound to go
SonoIQ, a small pocket Ultrasound, transfers high resolution ultrasound images to Android, iOS or Windows smartphone or tablet via WiFi or USB cable.
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